About the Klinker

The founder, Hugh Metcalfe, is a musician and filmmaker from London and Suffolk. He is best known as the promoter of The Klinker Club in London now (Klinker Promotions Ltd), which he has run in various venues since 1982.

Klinker Promotions is a social organisation that promotes the art of music and film through performances, exhibitions, workshops and master classes. We serve Suffolk’s mainstream pub culture through our regular events at The Bowery in Ipswich, as well as providing adventurous programming of music, free improvisation, poetry, dance and mixed media at other venues across Suffolk. We also offer our expertise to other promoters and artists interested in how we run things here at Klinker Promotions so that they can start their ventures in Suffolk or elsewhere around the country.

The company’s flagship event is The Klinker Club which has been running since 1982. It is the longest-running music venue in London and was voted among the best in most London awards. The club is known for its adventurous programming, including free improvisation, jazz and dub, and mainstream pub cultures such as folk, rock, and pop cover bands

The Best of Alternative and Avant-Garde Culture
Klinker Promotions is a music and performance art production company that strives to bring the best in alternative and avant-garde culture to audiences worldwide. Klinker offers adventurous music programming, free improvisation, film, poetry, dance and mixed media.

Klinker Club was one of the first clubs in London to bring the wildest dreams and extremes of the ’80s fringe to London. Since then, it has helped build many performers’ reputations and become a staple in the city’s vibrant alternative scene.

Klinker Promotions offers the most adventurous programming of music, free improvisation, film, poetry, dance and mixed media. We’ve been bringing you the wildest dreams and extremes since 1982. We’ve helped build the reputations of many performers over our 30 years in business.

Artist-friendly Online Music Platform
Klinker Club is a haven for artists who want to experiment with their craft without boundaries. Our mission is to provide an outlet for creativity, which can sometimes be hard to find in a world that demands conformity.

We have regular events every month at various venues around London—and we’re always looking for new places to host our shows. If you have a space, you think would be perfect for us, let us know!

Why Choose Klinker?
The answer is simple, music for all. Klinker was founded in 1982 to promote free improvisation as an art form and provide a platform for artists from around the world to share their work with audiences in London and beyond. Klinker aims to create an open-minded space where people can come together to hear music that is both challenging and accessible.

The founder, Hugh Metcalfe, started this business because he wanted to provide a space for people to experiment with new ideas that might not have fit into traditional venues.