Cuppa Felixstowe Saturday 5pm – 8.30pm

Miss Roberts malformed brains Dr. Cos guitar & Marina Young bass

Rude Mechanicals is the name and Miss Roberts is queen and the malformed brains of the operation – I am currently Dr Cos (Jo’s idea) the beating heart of the band. On this occasion we will be joined by Marina Young on bass.

A great deal like nothing you’ve heard before…”

SILENTKLINKER HOUSE-BAND applique’s Nick Spall Maxwell FANNY  +

There’s songs and storytelling with soundscapes. I like the quote from Tom Robinson on Radio 6: “wild, wicked weirdness… a little bit Flying Lizards, a little bit Native Hipsters and a great deal like nothing you’ve heard before…”

Just incase it’s of interest and helps give an idea of what we’re like – alumni and luminaries: Jowe Head and Jeff Bloom (Television Personalities, Swell Maps), Katherine Dean (Breeders), Catherine Gilbrands (Medieval Babes), Tim Bowen (Chrome Hoof), Phil MFU (Vanishing Twin), Kevin Matthews (Sex Gang, Flamingos), Jonas Golland (Tigerlillies).

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